Proven HEPA technology combined with the power of UV-C light. Filtration that works by the brand you can trust

360° Filtration

DuPont provides you with significant results. Usually, flat filters restrict its ability of air cleaning by taking air pollutants from one side of the purifier. On the other hand, the DuPont filter collects air pollutants from all sides of the room. So, no matter where it is placed, the air will be free of pollutants.

Purification Phases

The filter is the key to your air purification. Different filter types of TruSens are designed to trap odors, VOCs, and other micro particles.

Washable Pre-Filter* – Particles like pet hair and dust are captured by
this filter.

Activated carbon – It eliminates odors and gases from the air around you.

HEPA filter – HEPA filter works by trapping small particles of about 0.3 microns.

UV-C Light – It ejects light to stop the spread of germs and bacteria that may get stuck in the filter.

*For the Medium and Large air purifier models only.

UV-C Light Significance

The tiny particles that are invisible to a naked eye, get stuck on the filter. It is therefore necessary to destroy them because they get multiplied if left untreated. UV-C light in the TruSens helps in getting rid of all these microorganisms by emitting light at a potent wavelength.

Replacement Alert

When the replacement time of air filter and UV-C light is due, a light on the purifier will start indicating as a reminder. Replacement ensures 100 % performance of TruSens without break.

Better Together

A combo of Dupont and UV-C light delivers better results for you. Our DuPont HEPA filter sucks all the air pollutants whereas UV-C lights aid in killing micro particles sucked by the filter.