Sensorpod Air Quality Monitor

Examine the air quality with a remote SensorPod to get the best result!

TruSens - A best solution for you!

TruSens provides you better results as compared to the other common purifiers. TruSens come with an individual SensorPod that continuously checks the air quality across the room. It then provides feedback to the purifier so it can tune the speed of its fan according to the requirement.

You must be wondering why a separate SensorPod is needed? Right?

Usually, the common air purifiers do not analyze the air quality all over the room. Also, do not share the feedback with you that makes you wonder if the purifier is working properly or not. So, to keep you safe from these guesses, a SensorPod is designed to let you be aware of the air quality of the whole room.

Trouble-free Setup

SensorPods are preconfigured with the purifiers. Just plug and play, it is that simple

Keep you Informed/Aware

The display on the TruSens keeps you notified about the air quality measurements. So, stop worrying! Check the display and let yourself be aware.

Smart Enabled

You can remotely access the SensorPod with TruSens Smart Application using Wi-Fi.

SensorPod Features

Standard SensorPod

Works with TruSens models

Z-2000 and Z-3000

Senses PM 10 (e.g. Coarse particles including pollen, mold spores and other allergens)

Senses PM 2.5 (e.g. Fine particles such as bacteria and smoke)

SensorPod Detection Type

Infrared Light

SensorPod Size

3.25” x 2.75” 8 x 7 cm

SensorPod Voltage (Plugs into any 120v 60hz outlet)

Better Air Purification

SensorPod works with accuracy and it is a reliable way to detect the pollutants, dust particles, and allergens around you. The measurements taken by the SensorPod is then delivered to the purifier so it can clean the air as needed. It then shows the results on the screen to let you know if it is properly working or not.

Get Entire Space Cleaned/Pollutant Free

To get the best result with a SensorPod, place it at a distance with the purifier so the whole room gains benefit from it. You cannot move the purifier again and again but SensorPod. Find the right spot and get the perfect result.

Thorough Testing-Worth Doing!

TruSens with detached SensorPod when tested against the common purifiers with integrated sensors, the results we get were remarkable. It resulted in better coverage and cleaning of the air that cannot be done alone by the purifier.