TruSens Air Purifier, Medium, with Air Quality Monitor, Z-2000

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SensorPod Air Quality Monitor
A separate SensorPod helps in delivering better results for your space. Combination of SensorPod and Purifier detects pollutants efficiently as compared to the purifier alone. It has been proven through experimentation that SensorPod and purifier together can improve air coverage and deliver better results when compared to a purifier with integrated sensors. If the air quality reading from SensorPod suggests adjustment, the purifier adjusts its fan speed automatically.
DuPont and UV-C Light Combo
DuPont HEPA filtration with the potential of ultraviolet (UV-C) light, improves the quality of air around you. 360-degree DuPont filtration fights against usual pollutants like VOC gases, allergens, and micro particles. UV-C light destroys bacteria and germs trapped by the filter.
PureDirect Dual Streaming
The thorough testing of PureDirect dual air streaming results in better delivery of cleaned air in the entire space. It has been proven that bi-directional air streaming method is up to 24% more efficient than conventional purifiers with vertical airflow.
Automatic Indicator
Whether the air quality is good or bad around you, get yourself aware with our SensorPod! The illuminated disc shows the level of air quality to give you comfort about the working of SensorPod. The colored ring having a number on it points out whether the quality of the air is good, moderate, or bad.

Product Specifications

Type Standard Air Purifier Sensor SensorPod
AQI Indicator Numeric & Color Display Air Delivery Type PureDirect
Room Coverage 2 ACH 375 sq ft / 35 sqm Purification Levels Washable Prefilter, Carbon Filter, HEPA Type Filter, UV
Fan Speeds 4 Auto Mode Yes
Night Mode Yes Timer Settings 2/4/8/12 hours
Filter Change Indicator Type Carbon, HEPA, UV Detailed Color White
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 22 in (223 x 223 x 567 mm) Watts 28
Motor Type DC Motor Noise Level 33 – 64 dB
Weight (KG) 6 Warranty 1 year
Date Indicator Undated Size Medium
Hertz 50 Volts 220
Pack Quantity 1


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