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Air purifier model




SensorPod Air Quality Monitor (senses PM 2.5, PM10)​

Air Quality Indicator

PureDirect Technology

Levels of Purification




Washable Pre-Filter

Carbon Pre-Filter

Carbon Filter


true HEPA

HEPA type

HEPA type

UltraViolet Light

Room Coverage

750 sq. ft.

375 sq. ft.

250 sq. ft.

Auto Mode

Carry Handle

Touch Controls

Color Variation



White & Charcoal

Dimensions (WxH)

10" x 29"

9" x 22"

8" x 18"


12.6 lbs

9.0 lbs

7.7 lbs

1 Year Limited Warranty

Yes, the Z-2000 (medium room air purifier) and the Z-3000 (large room air purifier) can operate in manual mode without the SensorPod air quality monitor.  In auto-mode, paired with SensorPod, the Z-2000 and Z-3000 purifiers adapt to the air quality readings and optimize the air quality in the room.

Air purifiers often have a recommended room size to guide the purchase decision. The rating is based on how many times the air in a room gets turned over. Buying a larger purifier means that it can turn the air in a smaller room more frequently.  This may be especially helpful for people with higher sensitivities to air pollution.

Smoke CADR (CFM)56.094.8191.6
Dust CADR (CFM)84.1111.7199.1
Pollen CADR (CFM) 96.7117.2208.4

For Standard HEPA filters only. Testing performed in accordance with ANSI/AHAM AC-1-2015.