Who we are

Our journey began with a standard air purifier and some accessories. But with the advancement in technology our products are becoming smarter. Our aim is to provide a user-friendly yet beneficial air purifier that can make your life healthy and happy.
TruSens air purifiers focuses on providing pollution free environment so you can breathe in fresh air. It has many advanced features like DuPont, Digital display, and PureDirect. DuPont is a 360-degree filtration that traps pollutants like VOCs, allergens, and microparticles. The trapped particles are then killed by UV-C light technology. The LED display in the Trusens air purifier keeps you updated about the quality of air. The PureDirect is a dual-directional air streaming that promises zero dead zones.
Compared to the other purifiers, TruSens provides you with better results. It comes with a remote SensorPod that keeps a close check on the quality of air all over the room. It then provides the result back to the purifier so that it can adjust itself according to the requirement.
TruSens have three different series of air purifiers in three different sizes. In addition to that it also has other products like filters and UV-C Bulb.

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