Be informed about the Air Quality

Be the part of Solution not the part of Pollution!

Stay up-to-date about the quality of Air with the latest LED air Quality Display. It shows you various parameters about air so that you can better evaluate the quality of air in terms of:

Good Air Quality (0-50)

ü Very little risk/ No risk

Moderate Air Quality (50-100)

ü Little risk with moderate health concerns

Poor Air Quality (100-500)

ü Risky/ May Impact your health over time

LED Air Quality Display

Good [0-50]

Little to no risk from air pollution

Moderate [50-100]

Some pollution in the air may be a moderate health concern

Poor [100-500]

Air quality may impact your health over time

For Your Comfort

Allergens, dust, and other pollutants continuously change air quality in your environment. But worry no more, the SensorPod together with the Purifier got you covered. The real time air quality detection and display technique saved us from worries about proper air cleaning.

Air Quality Index-AQI

The Air Quality Index scale used by the TruSens is designed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). It is a 1–500-point scale that can trap particulate matter of 2.5 microns or above. The index gives you precious information about the condition of the air around you. According to which required changes are made to improve the surrounding air.

Adaptive Technology

TruSens automatically adjust itself as needed by sensing the changing condition of the air. You can also shift to the manual mode to set the fan speed by yourself. It is rather preferable to use an automatic method of speed adjusting. The upgraded SensorPod tracks small particles that can reach your blood and lungs through the air you are breathing.

Color-Coded Display

Keep yourself updated with the quality of air through changing-color technique used in smart TruSens.

Tsap Air Purifier, Large, with Air Quality Monitor, Z-3000

TruSens Air Purifiers with Air Quality Monitor, Large

Tsap Air Purifier, Medium, with Air Quality Monitor, Z-2000

TruSens Air Purifiers with Air Quality Monitor, Medium


Numeric & Color Display

Numeric & Color Display








750 sq ft / 70 sq m

375 sq ft / 35 sq m